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Look @ our prices ...We are open 7 Days a week! OPINIONS!!! professionally striving and encouraging the building healthier hair continuously, with professional help.*** Overworked hair can be repaired without cutting. Hair that needs thinning. Razor Cuts, Dry Hair***
Perms: Reg $125 Now $55
Color: Reg $125 Now $59
Men Color: Reg$125 Now $ 39

We have been serving the community for many years. As a popular Beauty Salon, our services include Hair Coloring, Hair Cuts, Hair Perms and much more such as Wedding and prom Hairstyles, all within a professional yet comfortable atmosphere for men, women, and children.

Looking for a nice updo for a formal event?

If I do not answer, please leave a message and I will contact you as quickly as possible. Preferred way to get a hold of us is by phone. We do not recommend using the contact us page. Plenty of Promotions located on our Coupons Tab!!

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To view coupons for current promotions, please refer to the Coupons Tab! Call for an appointment. Hair Salon Marketplace (803) 359-1379
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Does your hair need more color and life? Are you thinking of going in for hair highlights? Or perhaps your hair needs a delicate mix of highlights and lowlights for your ideal look? Whether it’s to frame your face better or to make your eyes really pop, your hair can benefit from professional color and highlight work. At Hair Salon Marketplace, we understand the importance of highlights for your locks. If you are looking for a professional to tend to your hair color needs, look no further. Our experienced team offers knowledgeable, high-quality service that can help your hair look and feel amazing!
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