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Hair Highlights

Does your hair need more color and life? Are you thinking of going in for hair highlights? Or perhaps your hair needs a delicate mix of highlights and lowlights for your ideal look? Whether it’s to frame your face better or to make your eyes really pop, your hair can benefit from professional color and highlight work. At Hair Salon Marketplace, we understand the importance of highlights for your locks. If you are looking for a professional to tend to your hair color needs, look no further. Our experienced team offers knowledgeable, high-quality service that can help your hair look and feel amazing!

Hair Perms (includes cut)

Our perm service includes choices: large, loose curls or tight and natural curls.There are few things more relaxing than a visit to the hair salon. For a small portion of your day, you get to leave all of your stress and problems at the door and treat yourself to rest and relaxation. Whether it’s to bump up your beauty routine or to give yourself a little extra tender love and care. If you are looking for a stylist that will not frizz, damage, or dry out your hair. Perming your hair at Hair Salon Marketplace will make your hair look natural to where no one can tell its a perm. It is truly amazing what some color, a trim, and a little styling can do!

Hair Coloring

Are you tired of your flat and dull hair color? Are you troubled with a lackluster and faded dye job? It’s frustrating when your hair color isn’t looking as vibrant and fresh as you want it to. If you’re unfamiliar with hair coloring, you can find that high-quality coloring requires the expertise and practice of a professional colorist.We understand that making a drastic change to your look can be nerve-wracking. But you can trust us to make your new hair color a success! If your hair could benefit from a balayage or even from going dark to blonde, give us a call. Our team of amazing stylists can assess and tend to your locks quickly and efficiently without hurting your wallet. Contact us for more information on our exceptional hair coloring services.

Men's Cut and Color

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